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Porn and masturbation addiction refers to someone becoming emotionally dependent on pornography or masturbation in their daily life. There may be some debate around whether it is truly an addiction or a natural habit for desire or a physical compulsion, on the other hand is Elevated recovery necessary for anyone who is considered as addicted? We are using the term “addiction” rather than the others. Addiction is more than just an inability to stop using a substance or engaging in behavior though it is causing psychological and physical harm. It is more than an intense interest in something. Specifically, it changes the medical condition of an individual’s brain and body. It causes that individual to feel compelled to use a substance or partaking in an activity continuously, even when doing so may cause harm. Similarly, when a person initially starts to watch porn or masturbate, they receive an intense rush of dopamine. It generally leads to feelings of intense pleasure and reward. But over time, the body may produce less dopamine and rely more on those substances or behavior to feel the dopamine rush. Then it turns into “addiction”.

If you are someone who is really addicted to watching porn or masturbating, it will always be good to quit for the long run of your physical and mental life. Like other addictions, you can not just rely only on your willpower. It is simply too tough and unreliable. You need to follow a process that keeps you accountable, removes self-doubt, and gives you tools to eliminate the need to rely on your willpower. Though we live in 2021, it is a sensitive issue or taboo subject like always. This should not let you stop you from getting professional help. Today, we will review the most popular “Elevated Recovery Program” as a service to regain control of your sexual behavior to design a happy successful life.

About Elevated Recovery Program:

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Elevated Recovery Program is a “High Performing” process for Business Owners and Executives to end their porn and masturbation addiction discreetly. Mainly, its coaching programs help men struggling with porn addiction build up dk 90ghabits, lifestyle, and self-image. Unlike 12 step programs and therapists, the coaching transforms you at a holistic level over 90 days. It leads by J.K Emezi, a Certified Addiction Coach (CAC) and a Sex and Pornography Addiction Coach (SPARC). J.K developed a lot of sexual shame during his childhood due to his conservative surroundings and religious family. He was exposed to pornography at the age of 8 and struggled to quit his behavior for over 15 years. His journey to recovery began when he almost lost his life due to his acting out behaviors. That terrible experience led him to seek out mentors, obtain counseling and certification in the field and consume every resource on addiction recovery he could find. According to J.K, he has helped numerous men to regain control of their sexual lives, recover fully from porn addiction, overcome sexual and social anxiety, improve their relationships and lead fulfilling lives for the past nine years.

The Curriculum of Elevated Recovery Program:

The entire curriculum of the Elevated Recovery Program is systematic. You will get “Ongoing Support” whenever you need it. Accountability and support are one of the most impressive areas of Elevated Recovery rather than other available methods/processes. You will get their cell number so you can contact them virtually any time of the day when you are feeling vulnerable. You will also get the accountability of locking out your electronic devices and the support of other men in our secret community. On the contrary, other processes/services will leave you to follow the steps by yourself and rely on your willpower to get through it which is simply too hard.

Porn addiction is far more serious than many people may imagine and should never be taken lightly. Erectile dysfunction, apathy at work, inability to concentrate, social anxiety, daytime fatigue, low self-esteem, and depression are the most prominent causes stem from porn or masturbation addiction. It also destroys many marriages and breaks up families. Besides, it’s an issue of public embarrassment or shame, however, going it alone only makes it worse – please don’t let your pride be your obstacle to take this matter seriously and don’t let the harm happen to you.

Don’t Worry!! Elevated Recovery Program follows 5 Steps to solve your porn or masturbation addiction forever. By following those steps over 13,000 Men have already restarted their lives. The following steps are:

The curriculum of Elevated Recovery

    1. Cure Your Porn Addiction Today
      They begin their first step by setting up a completely confidential consultation call. They will discuss your unique situation, the problems you face, and why you think you need help to tackle your problem. Don’t worry! Nobody from the Elevated Recovery Program will judge you for your situation. They will be helpful, supportive, and open ears.
    2. Prescribe Your 3 Best Strategies
      After listening carefully to your story and circumstances, they will prescribe the three best strategies for you before moving forward. The best thing about them is that you will get the chance to pick the process & plan you need to follow. Because their motto is that every situation is unique so your plan will be tailored to you. Besides, you will get options for different budgets and levels of personal attention required.
    3. Approve The Strategy Proposal
      Before starting the third step, they will conduct detailed research depending on your circumstances. That’s how they will come with different strategies to solve your problem. They will also explain all the features and benefits of each one. You just need to decide which of them you would like to choose. After that, Elevated Recovery will send you a formal written proposal detailing the plan which you will need to approve.
    4. Implement The Strategy Together
      After approving your preferred plan, they will begin to implement the plans right away. Their implementation process is very systematic and organized. They will set up your accountability measurements, get you set up within their system and you will get their cell number for when you need help fast. Believe me!! They are super responsive!!
    5. Break Your Porn Addiction Forever
      Your urge to the addiction will have subsided within just 90 days of beginning the process. They will give you their personal support the whole way through to break your habit. After 90 days, you will get your life back, reignite your spark and regain your ambition which your addiction robbed you of.

The Review of Elevated Recovery:

Elevated Recovery Program is highly reviewed and praised to their customers. The best part is receiving feedback from thousands of awesome clients whom they help to free from frustration, struggling with sexual performance, emotionally disconnection, depression and living self-doubt. After visiting the website of Elevated Recovery, you will easily understand the popularity of its services. There are a lot of reviews available on their website. Let me share some reviews from their website!!

  • D.E is one of the happiest clients from Elevated Recovery and also a big fan of J.K. According to D.E, “I really appreciate J.K’s straightforward, no nonsense, “tell it like it is,” yet caring, light-hearted, humorous and empathetic approach. The fact that J.K is a recovering porn addict himself lends tremendous credibility to his advice and instills deep confidence in me. My experience in his practice is a key ingredient in my successful recovery to date. I spend 2 hours each week for my coaching sessions and have never had a reason to regret it.”
  • According to Jason S, “Working with J.K as a coach has been one of the greatest choices that I have made in the past year. Prior to coaching, I had been trying to quit on my own for over three years with no progress. I had seen multiple therapists who either did not know about porn addiction or who did not believe in it. With recovery coaching, I have made significant progress that was not possible prior to working with J.K. One great advantage of working with JK is that he is an experiential expert with a deep understanding of this addiction. His knowledge and abilities are exceptional. In coaching, he has employed a holistic approach to my addiction that has helped me to improve in multiple areas of my life while recovering from my porn addiction. The tools that I have learned in recovery coaching have been incredibly useful, not only in my recovery, but also in my day to day life. I am no longer just going through the motions of abstaining from porn, I am actually recovering!”
  • A.C, another happy client, states “I began recovery coaching with J.K in early 2016.  I was familiar with 12-steps, but sex addiction recovery coaching was new to me. It is my belief that without J.K’s  strong influence on my recovery, I would not be living a life of consistent freedom from my disease. J.K’s coaching has also helped me handle challenges which come up in my daily life.”
  • According to J.H, “J.K helped me get my life on track. I was going down a dark path and truly had no idea what was going on in my life. J.K’s guidance and support turned things around for me. No I understand that I am not alone. As challenging as this path is, Elevated Recovery has made it easier. I highly recommend Elevated Recovery. All you have to do is meet J.K and you will see what I mean.”

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As it’s the official website of Elevated Recovery, they will obviously publish the best review. Let’s take a detour on their Trustpilot review. Oh my goodness!! Elevated Recovery has gotten 116 reviews so far and the trust score is really amazing (4.7). Let me share some reviews from their website!!

  • According to Sebastian Laurentiu ILE (DK, Aug 22, 2021, 5 stars: Excellent), “The program can save your life. One word to describe it: hardwork. You have to implement every little thing that you learn and be patience in order to work. I personally became more aware of my feelings and urges and I am controlling them much better than before. I recommended for those who really want to get rid of PMO and want to achieve success in other areas of their life.”
  • Another client from the US is Anthony Velasquez. He reviewed this program 5 stars: Excellent on Aug 19, 2021. According to him, “Life Changing! I joined the program on July of 2020 and it changed my life for the better. Back then, my wife was fed up and had one foot out the door which was my rock bottom. Porn reboot helped me understand my addiction and have me the tools and accountability that I needed to kick my addiction to the rear and reboot my brain. Not just it saved my marriage but it showed me what i was missing to reach my full potential personally and professionally. There was even scenarios in my 9 month mark that made me fearful of being triggered but my wife said to do me because she trusted me to do the right thing. If any of you men are dealing with the PMO addiction, these program is 100% worth the investment but you need to be fully committed to put in the work. I wanna thank Jaykay, GT, and most importantly, my accountability partners who were with me every step of the way!!!”
  • PK (Jul 20, 2021, 5 stars: Excellent)from Florida states, “Implementation Programme Experience!! This far I have enjoyed the Implementation Programme. The lessons are helpful, encouraging and challenge me to think about my behavior like expected.
    The downside is that some of the things in the Fast-Start Guide for example tasks sent via mail haven’t been received and I’ve been a bit confused about The Feelings Exercise.
    The good side is when I have difficulties handling a strong emotion or particular exercise I can ask from JK Emezi or any participant of the group how to do it in right manner.
    All in all there could be a little bit more clarity and guidance in detail on how to maximize the benefits of some exercises but still the support and advices of the group compensate a lot.”
  • Alexandre Kounde (May 12, 2021, 5 stars: Excellent) from California reviews, “One of the smartest decisions I’ve ever made!! Joining the implementation Program is one the smartest and most important decisions I’ve ever made. I’ve been able to gain control over my compulsive behavior and I’m not done yet. My final goal is to change my life and the tools of the program help me do just that every single day. Elevate Recovery is more than just gaining control over your compulsive behavior; it’s about becoming a new man.”
  • According to Naveen Thotapalli (India, Aug 3, 2021, 5 stars: Excellent), “Jk’s implementation program!! Porn and it’s effects on relationships have been increased in recent days due to easy access of high speed internet.
    I struggled with this behaviour for 7 years not knowing the real reason and used PMO as coping mechanism for different emotions and insecurities.
    Jk addresses every problem thorough the modules slowly week by week and quitting PMO before has made him a better mentor who could help men trying to quit on their own .His implementation program material, podcasts , book suggestions and last but not the least ultimate facebook group with handfull of men rebooting along with you are very helpful in times of need .
    I finally suggest for someone who is struggling with PMO to work with him to see a good future ahead for improving relationships with your family and loved ones.”

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Let’s have another detour to their Youtube channel. You can see how the Elevated Recovery Program turns its clients into confident, happy, connected relationship partners and professionals every day.

The Pros & Cons of Elevated Recovery:

Pros & Cons of Elevated RecoveryPros:

  1. Highest addiction recovery rate.
  2. Personalized attention.
  3. Weekly call with a head coach.
  4. Access to students who have fully recovered.
  5. Dedicated accountability partner that suits your lifestyle and your addiction level.
  6. Extremely discreet: your privacy is taken very seriously.


  1. Not for everybody only for high performers.
  2. Premium prices.
  3. Available time zones most suitable for US-based men.
  4. Sometimes coaches can be very direct and harsh with you.


To know more details about the pros & cons of the Elevated Recovery Program, please click here.

To conclude, the entire process of the Elevated Recovery Program is totally discreet and confidential too. No one will know you have this problem or that you are getting help from them. As J.K has been in that situation where you are right now, no one will understand you more than him. You can speak with him freely without the fear of being judged. He will be there to help you and you can end your addiction and reclaim your happy life in complete privacy.

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