Best 3 Pornography Addiction Counseling Centers in the USA

Pornography is sexually explicit content for sexual arousal purposes used by both men and women. It is becoming a normalized substance day by day to all generations.

In this article, we will discuss the best 3 pornography addiction counseling centers in the USA.

With the increasing availability of the internet and digital devices, most people are getting addicted to porn without their knowledge or consent.

Although many people still think that pornography can be “sexually explicit” and “just for fun”, its effects fall on the world on spiritual relationships, and on human beings, which you can never imagine. It will impact the brain’s behavior in a similar way to certain drugs.

While the impact of a porn addiction may not be the same as drugs, it will lead to destructive behavior for the addicted individual and those around them.

Porn addiction is probably one of the most difficult addictions to overcome. To get recovery from porn addiction, you can not just rely only on your willpower.

It is simply too tough and unreliable. You need to follow a step/process that keeps you accountable, removes your self-doubt, and gives you tools to eliminate the need to rely on your willpower.

In this regard,  Porn Addiction counseling plays the most influential role to urge recovery from addiction.

Here, in this article, we will shortlist the best 3 Pornography Addiction Counseling centers and discuss the pros and cons of those counseling centers.

Best 3 Pornography Addiction Counseling Centers:

Addiction Counseling generally refers to working with a mental health counselor or clinical mental health counselor on a specific issue for a limited amount of time.

An addiction counselor generally finds your difficulty in managing stress or wants guidance on tools you can use when you are stressed out.

Throughout the addiction counseling process, you will explore what caused you the addiction. You will also be aware of your negative thought and behavior patterns.

Besides, the professionals will identify potential triggers for addiction and create a long-term plan to keep you away from addiction.

Porn Addiction Counseling also follows the same process for your recovery.  Firstly, you need to sit down with a qualified counselor and talk about your experiences to get recovery from porn addiction.

Secondly, you need to be honest with your counselor and try to build a relationship that is going to be useful for your recovery.

You may feel difficult, a little uncomfortable at first. Don’t worry! This will become a really important and life-saving relationship where you’ll see new things in life.

Finally, we will discuss the best 3 pornography addiction counseling centers. We have created a shortlist of these three addiction counseling centers based on different criteria like counseling process, behavior & friendliness, the team of counselors, variety of services, previous portfolios & reviews, availability, and so on.

Let’s figure out the pros and cons of those best 3 pornography addiction counseling centers.

1. Elevated Recovery

Elevated Recovery is one of the best pornography addiction counseling centers to recover from porn addiction. It is a “High Performing” process for Business Owners and Executives to recover from porn addiction carefully.

Mainly, its coaching programs will help men battling against porn addiction build up their habits, lifestyle, and self-image. Unlike 12 step programs and therapists, the coaching will transform you at a holistic level over 90 days.

Actually, It leads by J.K Emezi, a famous Certified Addiction Coach (CAC) and a Sex and Pornography Addiction Coach (SPARC). The entire curriculum of Elevated Recovery is systematic. You will get “Ongoing Support” whenever you’d want it. Accountability and support are the most impressive areas of Elevated Recovery compared to other available methods/processes.

You will get their cell number so you’ll contact them virtually any time of the day once you are feeling vulnerable. You will also get the accountability of locking out your electronic devices and therefore the support of other men in our secret community.

The process of Elevated Recovery is completely discreet and confidential too. No one will know you’ve got this problem or that you simply are getting help from them.

As J.K has been in this situation where you’re right now, nobody will understand you more than him. You can speak with him freely without the fear of being judged.

He will be there to assist you to get over porn addiction and reclaim your happy life in complete privacy.

The Pros & Cons of Elevated Recovery:

1. Highest addiction recovery rate
2. Personalized attention
3. Weekly call with a head coach
4. Access to students who have fully recovered
5. Dedicated accountability partner that suits your lifestyle and your addiction level
6. Extremely discreet: your privacy is taken very seriously


  1. Not for everybody only for high performers
  2. Available time zones most suitable for US-based men

2. Omega Recovery

Omega Recovery is one of the largest and best porn addiction care centers in the United States. It provides the best clinicians and highly effective behavioral therapies. It will give your control back over your lives with a customized treatment plan and individual attention.

In this situation, Omega Recovery was created in Austin in 2018 to address the explosive epidemic of addictive and mental health disorders. Their porn addiction rehabilitation program will address your addiction, destructive behavioral patterns, and negative thoughts via an integrated treatment program.

They will use a combination of counseling, psychotherapies, and holistic treatments to address. Besides, they will treat underlying emotional issues contributing to porn addiction.

Moreover, their professional therapists will also moderate support groups and 12-step programs for your Porn Addiction recovery. It will help you to adopt a healthy lifestyle and behaviors.

The Pros & Cons of Omega Recovery:

1. A full continuum of care
2. Customized treatment plan and individual attention
3. A high success rate & Hundreds of positive reviews
4. Mark Up Alternative Residential Treatment Program
5. Implying support groups and 12-step programs

1. Confidentiality issues
2. Only based on Texas
3. Available time zones most suitable for Texas-based men

3. Christian Counseling Associates

Christian Counseling Associates is another best Pornography Addiction Counseling center for addiction recovery. They will help you to find out the addiction cycle of pornography. It will provide resources to end your porn watching/use and restore the person to victorious living.

Therefore, Christian Counseling Associates, their experts are highly trained from accredited institutions. They claim that their experts have “a heart for God” and are gifted to serve those who are struggling with cognitive, emotional, and spiritual issues.

Their associates are also registered members of the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC). With a staff of over 60 counselors and multiple locations within 18 counties, they will offer you the maximum level of care.

Moreover, they are ready to serve their clients with wisdom and empathy, in a “Spirit-led” process. Their counseling approach combines skills and techniques that are clinically effective, while also rooted in the Christian faith.

The Pros & Cons of Christian Counseling Associates:


1. A full addiction recovery process
2. Blend with Christian faith
3. Empathy and wisdom
4. A huge staff of over 60 counselors
5. Multiple locations

1. More implementation of Spirituality
2. No Personalized Attention
3. It may uncomfortable for other religious people except for Christian people

Final Thoughts:

In this recent days, watching porn excessively/Pornography addiction may suppose fun and harmless. But it may cause some serious, long-term consequences for the addict and their family. Addiction can seize a person’s mind and body, driving them to indulge in porn no matter the situation or the possible consequences.

Actually, people may lose their families, jobs and even face legal action because of their uncontrolled behavior. So, the recovery from Porn Addiction is the crying need!! That’s why we have shortlisted the best 3 pornography addiction counseling centers.

They all are customized to meet a person’s individual needs and goals. Besides, they will care about your journey to an addiction-free life and keep you under the check-up process regularly to ensure your continuous improvement.

Lastly, their supportive community and trained professionals have already supported numerous men and women of all ages and helped them to rediscover their true selves to regain the power in their lives. If you have any question please contact with us.

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