Frequently Asked Questions

Let me start by congratulating you on your decision to seek help in this area of your life- it takes quite a bit of courage to get to this point. You and I will get on a call and discuss the current challenges that you are dealing with in your life related to pornography and sex. It is an opportunity to find out if we are a good fit for working together. If it is, a recovery strategy will be outlined for you based on where you are in your current situation. We will schedule a regular meeting time and begin with your first recovery exercise or assignment

The initial consultation is free

It’s quite normal to feel reserved about disclosing an area of your life which you may have never shared with anyone. Part of the requirements of being a recovery coach is being non-judgmental. At Elevated Recovery, you will always be in a safe and private environment where you can open up about your challenges-perhaps for the first time ever. It takes time to build a relationship, but you will find that your level of comfort and trust will keep growing as time passes. There is no need to feel shame when you are in a safe, supportive environment.

Recovery varies according to each client. The challenges some clients face can be dealt with effectively in a very short amount of time (3 month at minimum or 12 calls/conversations).

Some clients may need more time depending on their situation. The best time to address this is during the first coaching conversation where we can outline your specific challenges, goals, and vision for your future as well as a strategic recovery plan.

Typically, a minimum of three months of recovery coaching has been observed to provide the most progress for many clients. If you have more questions about the length of recovery coaching, feel free to bring them up during our first call.