Best Ways to Recover from Masturbation Addiction

The view on masturbation varies widely across the world. Masturbation can be described as a way of exploring your sexual self. It is the sexual stimulation of genitals for sexual pleasure and completely normal activity for both men and women. When a person initially starts to masturbate, they will receive an intense rush of dopamine. It will generally lead to feelings of intense pleasure. But over time, the body may produce less dopamine and rely more on those substances or behavior to feel the dopamine rush. Then it turns into “masturbation addiction”. This “masturbation addiction” can cause you great harm both physically and mentally. You can not lead your life with this self-destructing addiction. There are many ways of recovery from Masturbation Addiction. Here, we will discuss all the best ways to recover from Masturbation Addiction based on recent reports and statistics.

Best Ways to Recover from Masturbation Addiction:

    1. Psychotherapy
      Masturbation addiction/habit is a taboo subject for many and is a shame for others. Psychotherapy is one of the most effective ways to recover from Masturbation Addiction. According to Nicole Prause, Ph.D., a neuroscientist who researches human sexual behavior, addiction, and the physiology of sexual response, “Compulsive masturbation is a part of several known disorders that must be ruled out first.” Psychotherapy, or talk therapy, will be the best treatment for compulsive masturbation disorder. You will need to talk about your concerns about excessive masturbation with a sexual health specialist/therapist who never brings judgment or disapproval into the discussion. Once your therapist identifies your problem, they will definitely replace that with more positive ones.
    2. Meditation
      Meditation is another prominent way among all the best ways to recover from Masturbation Addiction/habit. It will help you to focus your mind and thoughts to gain greater awareness and inner calm. One of the most common techniques for Masturbation addiction recovery is mindfulness meditation. Through this meditation, you will work on being in the present moment. You will observe thoughts without reacting to them. In this way, you need to be stuck on a particular thought which will take you to recovery.
    3. Self-help Groups
      There are many support and self-help groups that may prove one of the useful ways to recover from Masturbation Addiction for individuals. It will help you to deal with the issues related to addiction. The first advantage is that you can talk to people you can trust. If you feel that you are becoming vulnerable, you can start talking to someone from the group. You may initially feel embarrassed, but it’s important to get help if you need it. Besides, you can devote your energy to hobbies. It will help you to focus your attention elsewhere.
    4. Medication
      Sometimes, certain medication is needed to help stop masturbating addiction. It totally depends on the specific situation and mental health of the patient. Excessive masturbation affects the brain chemicals that are associated with obsessive behaviors and thoughts. Besides, some medications are prescribed to treat antidepressants, mood stabilizers, and naltrexone.
    5. Elevated Recovery
      JK_elevatedrecoveryreviews.comElevated Recovery is one of the best ways to recover from Masturbation Addiction. It is a “High Performing” process for Business Owners and Executives to end their porn and masturbation addiction discreetly. Mainly, its coaching programs help men struggling with porn and masturbation addiction to build up their habits, lifestyle, and self-image. Unlike 12 step programs and therapists, the coaching transforms you at a holistic level over 90 days. It leads by J.K Emezi, a Certified Addiction Coach (CAC) and a Sex and Pornography Addiction Coach (SPARC). According to J.K, he has helped numerous men to regain control of their sexual lives, recover fully from porn and masturbation addiction, overcome sexual and social anxiety, improve their relationships and lead fulfilling lives for the past nine years.

      The entire curriculum of Elevated Recovery is systematic. You will get “Ongoing Support” whenever you need it. Accountability and support are one of the most impressive areas of Elevated Recovery rather than other available methods/processes. You will get their cell number so you can contact them virtually any time of the day when you are feeling vulnerable. You will also get the accountability of locking out your electronic devices and the support of other men in our secret community. Besides, Elevated Recovery follows 5 Steps to solve your porn or masturbation addiction forever. By following those steps over 13,000 Men have already restarted their lives.  Besides, you can also have a look here to know more about the pros & cons of Elevated Recovery.

      The entire process of Elevated Recovery is discreet and confidential too. No one will know you have this problem or that you are getting help from them. As J.K has been in that situation where you are right now, no one will understand you more than him. You can speak with him freely without the fear of being judged.

    6. Stop Watching Porn
      Stop watching porn can be one of the most simple ways to recover from Masturbation Addiction. Pornography is one of the most common elements that triggers masturbation addiction. It is hard to control your compulsive masturbation habit without recovering from porn addiction. You have to fight with the urge by installing porn-blocking software. You also need to move your computer to a public room from where you can not be alone to stream porn sites. Spend more time with your relatives and friends!! For the worst-case scenario, you may set up a support network of people you can call when you feel vulnerable.


Masturbation is a healthy and normal sexual activity for everyone. To an extent, many medical professionals believe that the pleasure from masturbating can relieve your stress, anxiety and elevates your mood instantly. But this pleasure may turn into your addiction if you are compulsively dependent on masturbation for your well-being. It will harm your everyday life and relationships. So, you need to stop your excessive masturbation habit. Don’t worry! There are many proven and simple ways to recover from Masturbation Addiction to follow. You can avoid pornography, surround yourself with family and friends, develop hobbies, talk to people randomly, etc and it will help you to stop your masturbation cravings. Remember one thing! You will not try to give it up forever, rather you will change your masturbation habit from a compulsion to normal behavior.

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