10 Must-Know Pros and Cons of Elevated Recovery

Elevated Recovery is a “High Performing” process for Business Owners and Executives to end their porn and masturbation addiction discreetly. Mainly, its coaching programs help men struggling with porn addiction build up their habits, lifestyle, and self-image. Unlike 12 step programs and therapists, the coaching transforms you at a holistic level over 90 days. It leads by J.K Emezi, a Certified Addiction Coach (CAC) and a Sex and Pornography Addiction Coach (SPARC). J.K developed a lot of sexual shame during his childhood due to his conservative surroundings and religious family. He was exposed to pornography at the age of 8 and struggled to quit his behavior for over 15 years. His journey to recovery began when he almost lost his life due to his acting out behaviors. That terrible experience led him to seek out mentors, obtain counseling and certification in the field and consume every resource on addiction recovery he could find. According to J.K, he has helped numerous men to regain control of their sexual lives, recover fully from porn addiction, overcome sexual and social anxiety, improve their relationships and lead fulfilling lives for the past nine years. Today, we will review the Pros and Cons of Elevated Recovery as a service to regain control of your sexual behavior to design a happy successful life.

The Pros and Cons of Elevated Recovery:

Let’s discuss the 10 Pros and Cons of Elevated Recovery in detail you must know.


    1. Highest Addiction Recovery Rate
      Elevated Recovery is highly praised by customers for its highest addiction recovery rate. The main reason for the highest recovery rate is the curriculum/process of Elevated Recovery. Its curriculum is very systematic. You will get “Ongoing Support” whenever you need it. Accountability and support are one of the most impressive areas of Elevated Recovery rather than other available methods/processes. They will provide their cell number so that you can contact them virtually any time of the day when you are feeling vulnerable. They will also take the accountability of locking out your electronic devices and the support of other men in our secret community. To get proof of the highest addiction recovery rate, you need to visit Trustpilot reviews or their Youtube channel. You will find the feedback from thousands of clients whom they help to free from frustration, struggling with sexual performance, emotional disconnection, depression, and living self-doubt.Key Benefits:

      • Systematic curriculum
      • Ongoing Support
      • Contact virtually
      • Thousands of clients feedback
    2. Personalized Attention
      Elevated Recovery is renowned for giving “Personalized attention” to every client. As J.K has been in that situation where you are right now, no one will understand the importance of personalized attention better than him. At Elevated Recovery, you can speak with J.K or your addiction recovery coach freely without the fear of being judged. They will be there to help you, and you can end your addiction and reclaim your happy life.
    3. Weekly Call with a Head Coach
      You will get the advantage to schedule the weekly call with a head coach at Elevated Recovery. Thus they keep building your momentum throughout your addiction recovery process. They will not only teach you the ways of recovery but also will track your improvement continuously.
    4. Access to Students Who Have Fully Recovered
      Elevated Recovery takes care of their students even after the full recovery. They will check routinely about your surroundings, behavioral improvement, or development. J.K and Diana will host several live video webinars and training in a year to take you to the next level. Those live training events will be helpful to keep you away from cravings to watch porn. Besides, you will always have access to the most up-to-date information and strategies of Elevated Recovery.Key Benefits:

      • Routinely Check-Up your surroundings 
      • Routinely Check-Up your behavior improvement
      • Live video webinars and training Regularly
      • Access to the most up-to-date information facilities


    5. Dedicated Accountability Partner
      An accountability partner refers to a person with whom you make an arrangement to keep you accountable for the achievement or completion of a goal or a task. At Elevated Recovery, you will get a dedicated accountability partner that suits your lifestyle and your addiction level. They make the whole arrangement more reciprocal. Don’t worry! your accountability partner will always remain supportive to you. He/she will never judge you or roll their eyes about your addiction.
    6. Extremely Discreet
      Though we live in 2022, Porn or Masturbation addiction remains a sensitive issue or taboo subject like always. Your privacy is taken very seriously. You are 100% secure to us about your problems. We protect your privacy at our best level. The entire process of Elevated Recovery is discreet and confidential.  No one will know you have this problem or that you are getting help from them. When you speak to J.K or Elevated Recovery there is no fear of judgment. They will be there to help you, not to make you feel worse.


    1. Not for Everybody, Only for High Performers
      The main con of Elevated Recovery is that it is not for everybody who wants to get recovered from Porn and Masturbation addiction. It is only for Business Owners and Executives to end their addiction discreetly. They generally remain super busy with their jobs, family, or other obligations. They prefer to find a system that will help them to overcome their porn addiction and will rebuild their healthy habits within the shortest possible time. Elevated Recovery is also designed in that same way. That’s why it works best for high performers.
    2. Premium Prices
      Premium price may be another con for choosing Elevated Recovery. The price range can usually be higher for the general people. But don’t worry! Overall, it is a price-worthy Porn and masturbation addiction recovery service.
    3. Available Time Zones
      As Elevated Recovery is based in the USA, that’s why the available time for coaching is based on the United States and regional time zones. It may cause some problems for those who are not from the USA.
    4. Direct and Harsh
      At Elevated Recovery, sometimes coaches may be very direct to understand your “Addiction Cycle” properly. It may cause some discomfort between you two. Besides, they can also be a little harsh with you. Don’t worry! It is a rare case.


There is a universal statement that everything has its own pros and cons. Despite the cons, Elevated Recovery is one of the best and most reliable ways if you are someone who is addicted to porn or masturbation and wants to quit for good. Though there are Pros and Cons of Elevated Recovery, over 13,000 Men have already turned into confident, connected relationship partners and professionals and have restarted their happy lives. Elevated Recovery believes your willpower and our proper guideline can surely recover your problems soon.

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